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Continuously insist on R & D innovation to enhance
the power of enterprise development.

R & D and innovation is the key of the company's strength. The company has a professional R & D team. By its advanced production capacity, the company continues to upgrade the rock wool substrates, broaden the application scope and subdivide the application market. Beside, not only meeting the basic needs of growers, the company can also provide customized services for growers to meet their multiple needs. UPuper® will always committee to providing growers with more high-quality rock wool substrates and perfect supporting services. The company also continues to cooperate and exchange with key scientific research institutions and experimental bases to discuss advanced planting technology, making full use of technical advantages, talent advantages and resource platforms respectively to promote the application of rock wool substrate in Chinese agriculture facility.

Research base
UPuper®'s own experimental greenhouse

UPuper® experimental greenhouse, located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, is equipped with modern control systems such as environmental control and intelligent drip irrigation. The greenhouse carries out new product experiments all year round, the research including comparison between various varieties planting performance in same substrates, same crop planting performance in different substrates. Through the comparison of various data during the planting process and the final results data, UPuper® is continuously improving products and expanding new applications.

Research content: How mixed substrates (with different rook wool ratio mixed inside) effect to the plants, comparison experiment with other substrates
Chongming Island National facility gardening center

It is an national facility horticulture center that located in Chongming Island, Shanghai, focusing on scientific research and experiment, and equipped with the first full set of intelligent mechanical equipment imported from the Netherlands, and the project research is led by domestic first-class professor. After many data analysis, it is confirmed that the planting effect of UPuper® is basically consistent with international mainstream rock wool substrates. Those experiments and data accumulation provide strong support for the reliability of using rock wool substrates as soilless cultivation in China.

Research content: Substrate rotation cultivation experiment, different substrate combination planting, comparison experiment between different rock wool substrates
Yongqing base –Academy of Agricultural Planning and Engineering (AAPE)

The Yongqing base of Academy of Agricultural Planning and Engineering has 5018 square meters of intelligent multi span greenhouse, which plays a demonstration and leading role in the traditional agriculture transformation and upgrading. The base had  tested UPuper® substrate on different tomato varieties, and compare with different substrates planting performance. The experimental data are collected to provide a large-scale scientific research project for the rock wool substrate popularization in China.

Research content: Planting effects of different tomato varieties with UPuper® rock wool substrate and comparison experiment of planting effects between different substrates
Longping high tech cooperation experiment

Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture Co.,Ltd has built a domestic leading commercial seed breeding and testing system, it established an international advanced biotechnology platform with first-class R & D and innovation ability in the industry. It has been maintained a research investment of around 10% of operating revenue for many years. Now it has been connected with UPuper® and carried out in-depth cooperation in fields such as non-tray seedling raising, and jointly promote a new mode of centralized seedling raising with high efficiency without site restrictions.

Research content: Non-tray seedling raising
Cooperation experiment of Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Park

Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Park is located in Sunqiao, Pudong district. It was officially opened to the outside in 1996 and named as "national agricultural tourism demonstration site" by the National Tourism Administration. Covering an area of 4 square kilometers, the park is the first comprehensive modern agricultural development zone in China. In 1998, UPuper® cooperated with Sunqiao park to carry out first Chinese made cultivation rock wool planting experiments in Sunqiao Park, which is also the first park in China to adopt local rock wool substrates for soilless cultivation.

Research content: Planting experiment of rock wool substrates
UPuper® Research Report
  • 2017 03-25
    Effect of different soilless substrates on tomato yield and quality

    In order to find the most suitable soilless substrate for tomato growth in the surrounding areas of Shanghai, we conducted a comparison test of different substrates, and screened grass, UPuper® rock wool substrate, coco, and self-designed mixed substrate (grass charcoal + perlite).

    upuper upuper
  • 2020 02-25
    UPuper® rock wool substrate greenhouse cultivation tomato technology

    The promotion of UPuper® rock wool substrate greenhouse cultivation of tomato technology is important to improve the yield and quality of tomatoes cultivation in rock wool and achieve rock wool cultivation technology national promotion.

    upuper upuper
  • 2019 06-20
    Effect of different substrates on the growth of dwarf potted tomatoes

    The selection of different substrates is carried out to find out the most suitable substrates for dwarf potted tomatoes in home gardening through seedling, growth and yield of potted tomatoes in rock wool, coconut coir and mixed substrates (grass charcoal + mushroom residue + perlite).

    upuper upuper
  • 2018 05-24
    UPuper® rock wool substrate planting technology optimization

    In the process of economic development, the agriculture plays an non-underestimated role, which needs to keep pace with the development trend of the times, constantly update the agricultural planting technology to maximize efficiency.

    upuper upuper
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