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About UPuper
Selected Products Meet the demands of different plant in every growing stage
UPuper® – a new planting model
Start to having beautiful life by using this new substrate to plant
  • Domestic Planting area

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    water & fertilizer saving

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    That can feed in 1 year

Brand News
Rockwool vs Coco: Which Is the Right Choice for You?

How UPuper® rock wool substrate saves water in precise irrigation ?

What Is The Best Hydroponic Mats For Microgreens Growing?

High yield must be! Behind the "sharp weapon" of the factory seedling raising!

Hiring hydroponic medical cannabis growing engineer in US/Canada/Thailand!

All of UPuper® products are insured by PICC in China.

Netherlands is the most developed country in soilless cultivation industry. 64% of greenhouses adopt soilless cultivation technology by using rock wool as the major growing substrates.

UPuper® rock wool substrate launched ”UPuper® recycling project“

People begin to consciously classify garbage in their lives because of the continuous publicity of low-carbon environmental protection. Manufacturers are trying their best to minimize environmental pollution by reducing waste emission to form the concept of green sustainable development.

Soilless cultivation rock wool planting should start from child education!

34 years ago, a legend said, "the popularization of computers should start with child education", which changed many people’s lives of and marked the beginning of an era.

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