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Product applications

UPuper® rock wool's superior planting properties can meet the planting needs of a variety of plants in different environments. At the same time, UPuper® 

can be customized the products according to customer requirements,in order to satisfy their unique inquiry. We have products such as rockwool cubes, seedling plugs, and planting strips.

Medical Cannabis Planting

With the legalization of medical marijuana in more countries and regions, the demand for medical marijuana planting has also increased sharply. The requests for rock wool used in greenhouse and household cultivation are gradually rising because they can solve the seasonal problem of cannabis production and improve the yield and quality at the same time. 

The series of UPuper® substrates of seedling plug and cultivation slab can make the roots absorb nutrition directly, so the nutrition can be absorbed 100% by crops, it also provides a high-quality growth environment for the roots.

Solanaceous fruit planting

Solanaceous fruit vegetables can achieve better yield and quality through soilless cultivation. It is conducive to realize market entry of products in advance or later seasons or all seasons so that it helps to improve economic benefits.

UPuper® Seedling plug, grow cube and cultivation strip series can meet the needs of root growth at different growth stages of plants to realize a new planting mode with high yield, high quality and precision planting.


CS 75 CB 100L CB 100M CB 100S
Vertical farm

Vegetables that produced by soilless cultivation in vertical growing factories can not only realize non-stop production throughout the year, but also achieve high yield, short growing cycle and high efficiency with less pollution. So that people can enjoy safe, fresh, green and pollution-free high-quality vegetables all year round. 

UPuper® Seedling plug series can stabilize the root system well, which is conducive to root growth, and the substrate is clean so it can avoids stoppage.


CP T36-98
Flower planting

With the fast development of human's living standards, the demand for fresh cut flowers and potted flowers is increasing rapidly. Flower planting is also developing under the trend of intensification, standardization, standardization and scale. Therefore, efficient production, simple management, increasing yield and shortening growth cycle are significant because it can greatly improve income directly. 

UPuper® Seedling plug and growth cubes series can be used for a long time without hardening and pathogen, increasing oxygen can make flowers grow faster and better, and make the management more efficient and simple.


CM 15PRO CB 100L CB 100M CB 100S
Three dimensional greening

Three dimensional greening makes full use of different land conditions to relieve the shortage of urban land resources, enrich the facade space, fully display the ecological function of three-dimensional greening indoors and outdoors. It combined both functions of landscape and economic. And also improve the outdoor environment and create an indoor microclimate. 

UPuper® grow cube and cultivation slab series have the characteristics of light weight, high ratio of water and fertilizer retention without no hardening or breeding of bacteria, so that customers can reduce the maintenance cost and management cost.


CB 100L CB 100M CB 100S CB 75S
Home gardening

UPuper® can make the crops grow better with easier operation and management. It is also clean so that customers can use rock wool for planting in many applications such as office areas: indoor, balcony, roof, in courtyards or at home. 

UPuper® Seedling plug, grow cube and cultivation slab series make you become a planting expert easily. The easy planting method brings you a new way of good life.

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