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Brand introduction

UPuper® is the branch brand of Shanghai ABM rock wool Dafeng Co., Ltd., which provides high-quality rock wool substrates for soilless cultivation of Modern agriculture facility. The company is headquartered in Shanghai Hongqiao CBD and the production base is located in Dafeng District, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of more than 233000 square meters with a total investment of 100 million dollars. It has two world-class production lines, realizing zero discharge of solid waste and waste water and ultra-low emission of waste gas. It is the biggest green rock wool manufacturing base in the whole Asia Pacific region with the largest investment and leading technology and equipment.The main products are Rockwool grow cubes,Rockwool cubes,Seedling plug,Growing Cubes,Grow Plug, etc.

The company began to develop rock wool substrates start from the 1990s. So far, it has a history of more than 20 year and been registered in more than 20 countries, UPuper® sales footprints cover all over the world and has been highly recognized by growers locally and abroad.

UPuper® will be committed to providing pollution-free, high-performance, sustainable and safe substrate for agriculture facility, and lead modern smart agriculture future with excellent quality, first-class service , efficient & accurate planting methods.

Brand value
Brand strength

UPuper® rock wool substrate comes from the demand for soilless cultivation substrates in Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Park, which is the Chinese first agriculture facility base. The first generation of rock wool substrates was born in 1998. In 2005, the structure and performance of rock wool were further upgraded. It leads to the successful development of the second generation rock wool substrates. In 2012, we carried out scientific research cooperation with the national experimental base and UPuper® was recognized. With the development of domestic agriculture facility, soilless cultivation substrates began to be selected by growers. In 2016, the third generation rock wool substrates were successfully upgraded. On the premise of growers’ easy use, the products were further subdivided. UPuper® developed a series of products that are suitable for different crops and different growth stages, with multiple specifications to meet the various needs of different growers. Growers can also choose to customize products according to their actual situation.

After more than 20 years of continuous exploration, R & D and practical application in the field of substrates, after three generations of improvement, UPuper® combined with the actual needs of growers, rock wool substrates has been developed into different items for different application fields such as agriculture facility, three-dimensional greening and potted plants to cover much more industries.

The company also set up rock wool substrates R & D center that cooperates with domestic universities and institutions and large experiment base, and is equipped with professional experimental greenhouse and scientific researchers to continuously promote the development of new products in the application field of rock wool substrates. UPuper® forges ahead bravely on the road of continuous innovation and contributes to agriculture facility’s large-scaling, automation, precision, digitalization and intellectualization.


Started to research


"The first generation" hydroponic rock wool was born, applied in Sunqiao Modern Park, which is the first modern greenhouse zone in China.


"The second generation" cultivation rock wool was successfully developed.


Cooperated with national test lab to optimize the product.


"The third generation" cultivation rock wool had been upgraded successfully.


"UPuper" brand was launched.


UPuper® rock wool cultivation substrate has been sold to overseas, highly recognized by the international buyers.

upuper upuper
upuper upuper

UPuper® Rock wool substrates officially opened overseas sales channels in 2017 and has been sold to 18 countries. By its advanced manufacture equipment, strict management mode, reliable product quality and perfect service, it is highly recognized by growers all over the world.

upuper America
upuper Indonesia
upuper Canada
upuper Chile
upuper Australia
upuper Sri Lanka
upuper Swedish
upuper United Arab Emirates
upuper Singapore
upuper Mexico
upuper South Korea
upuper Nigeria
upuper Thailand
upuper Vietnam
upuper Norway
upuper Cameroon
upuper Kenya
upuper Oman
Full automatic production line

UPuper® production base has two advanced rock wool production lines which were imported from Europe and independently developed Chinese first full automatic rock wool substrates processing production line. The production line can greatly ensure product quality, at the same time it also effectively improve production and easily meet the centralized procurement needs of growers at home and abroad.

Green production process

The company consciously performs its social responsibility and continuously increases the investment in environmental protection in the production process: the electric furnace production process, solid waste recovery process, flue gas wet desulfurization process and wastewater purification process are adopted to realize zero solid waste, zero waste water and ultra-low emission of waste gas in the whole production process; At the same time, by using the waste heat recovery and reuse system, the factory can save 500 tons of standard coal every year, reduce energy consumption and realize green production.

Strict quality management

The company has completed inspection equipments, we have the same the category and equipments’ accuracy with the third-party inspection organization; The inspectors are trained by the third-party testing organization to keep testing on our rock wool products with scientific and strict inspection methods to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements. 

At the same time, the company adheres to the "6S" on-site management concept and method to improve production efficiency, reduce waste and cost. UPuper® keeps working on ensuring quality, improve responsibility, standardize behavior and ensure safety at the same time.

Brand blog

We actively participate in the industry event and promote the industry development.

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