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Rockwool cubes -CB 100M

Product description

UPuper® CB 100M grow cubes can be used as an intermediary or final container for planting. Rockwool cubes provide a high-quality stonewool substrates for hydroponic and indoor cultivation.Large size of root development zone will help plants growing better.Rockwool cubes are made of molten rock (usually basalt), which is spun into fibers and then compressed into cubes or other shapes. Rockwool cubes provide a sterile and inert substrate for plant root growth.Moreover, rockwool cubes has excellent water retention properties, allowing it to maintain moisture and provide a continuous water supply for plant roots.The structure of rockwool allows for sufficient air circulation around the roots, prevents root water accumulation, and promotes healthy oxygen levels.Rockwool cubes are also available in various sizes and are easy to handle. They provide a stable and consistent substrate for seed germination, cloning, and plant growth.

Product Specification

Product Advantage

1. Individually wrapped cubes hold the rockwool’s shape and prevent algae growth.

2. Easy to transport without hurting the roots and can improve transplanting efficiency.

3. Give roots more growing space.

4. Better water and fertilizer retention.

5. Uniform water content and electrical conductivity distribution throughout cubes.

6. Grooves can facilitate water drainage and provide air pruning on root system.

7. Rapid root system development.


Rockwool cubes can be used as growth media in hydroponic systems because they are easy to use and provide the necessary ventilation and moisture for plants. It can also be used for sowing because they provide a safe environment and culture medium for growing roots. It can also cultivate agricultural products, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, chili peppers, etc.

UPuper CP T25/CP T36/CP R20 stater plugs fit snugly into the pre-formed hole on the top of the rockwool cubes. Used as an intermediary container for cannabis planting.

Using TIPS:

1. You need pre-soak them before use.

2. Adjust pH of 5.5-6.5 for cannabis planting.

3. You can remove the wrapping of the rockwool grow cubes,cut it and mix it with the soil to improve the air permeability of the soil.

What precautions should be taken when using rockwool cubes in crop cultivation?

1.When handling rockwool cubes, it's a good practice to wear gloves and a dust mask. Rockwool fibers can be irritating to the skin and respiratory system, so protect yourself while working with them.

2.Prior to planting, thoroughly soak the rockwool cubes in pH-balanced water. This helps remove excess mineral salts and stabilizes the pH level. Rinse them well to ensure they're saturated.

3.Rockwool cubes are relatively fragile, so handle them gently to prevent damage to the roots and plant structure. Avoid crushing or squeezing the cubes.

4.Keep all tools, containers, and trays clean and sterilized to avoid introducing pathogens or contaminants to the growing environment.

5.Rockwool provides excellent aeration to plant roots, but ensure that there's sufficient airflow around the cubes to prevent mold or fungal growth.

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