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Rockwool seedling plug -CP T25-200

Product description

UPuper®CP T25 clone plug is designed for seed seedling or cutting propagation. Each sheet of Rockwool starter plug is perfectly sized to fit the standard seedling tray and each plug has a preformed hole to easily plant seeds or clone. Once plants have rooted, growers can transfer individual starter plugs to larger pieces of stonewool grow cubes. It is an economical trapezoidal seedling plugs for propagation as it's smaller size .

Product Specification

Product Advantage

1.The V-shape design of the starter plug discourages the tangling of roots, 

and easy to separate the plug and to transplant.

2. The shape and firmness of the rockwool plugs are of a quality that makes processing 

significantly easier, whether that processing is mechanical or manual.

3. Can be used without a seedling tray or fits a standard 10 X 20 tray (flat).

4.Does not contains any pathogenic bacteria, which can reduce the risk of virus infection in seedlings.

5. It ensures optimal growth conditions for roots growing, and cooperating with reasonable irrigation strategies can improve the quality of seedlings.

6. Stable pH and EC can reduce the risk of cloning cultivation and increase the rooting rate of cuttings.

7. The substrate is produced automatically and uniformly with consistent performance, which can unify the ratio of water to fertilizer and water vapour, achieve precise control, and save cloning management costs.

8. No scattering phenomenon (No slaking), save cleaning costs.

9. Work with most grow cubes, put inside of the hole.


UPuper® rockwool plug is extremely versatile and lends itself perfectly to the cloning of cannabis. Cuttings will show fast rooting, uniform stem development.

Using TIPS:

1. You need pre-soak them before use.

2. Adjust nutrient pH of 5.5-6.5 for cannabis cloning.

3. Rockwool plugs can be reused or recycled for another planting. Plant leafy vegetables( shallow-rooted plants)after disinfection. Or cut it and mix it with the soil to improve the air permeability of the soil. 

4. It is recommended to wear gloves when using.

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