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Rockwool grow cubes -CB 100S

Product description

UPuper® CB 100S rockwool grow cubes can be used as an intermediary or final container for planting. Rockwool cubes provide a high-quality stonewool substrates for hydroponic and indoor cultivation.It also offer improved oxygen capacity, increased water retention during nutrient feeding, and insulation from climatic changes in temperature.They are also ideal for providing additional aeration to the plant and are an excellent way to transition plants from smaller containers into larger ones.Rockwool grow cubes are suitable for a wide range of plant types, including seeds, seedlings, and cuttings. They can be used in various hydroponic systems, such as drip systems, ebb and flow systems, and NFT (nutrient film technique) systems.

Product Specification

Product Advantage

1. Ideal water and air balance.

2. Perfect finishing for transplants without hurt the roots.

3. Grooves can facilitate water drainage and provide air pruning on root system.

4. Uniform water content and electrical conductivity distribution throughout cubes.

5. Rapid root system development.

6. Work with most grow slabs.

7. Rockwool is pH neutral and will not significantly affect the acidity or alkalinity of the nutrient solution.

8. Inert sterile culture media can minimize the risk of diseases, pests, and weed seeds.


Rockwool grow cubes can be used for many different purposes. They can be used for hydroponic gardening and indoor gardening, as well as for soil planting operations. Rockwool grow cubes are also popular for starting sowing before the seeds are transferred to the growth medium.

UPuper CP T25/CP T36/CP R20 stater plugs fit snugly into the pre-formed hole on the top of the growing cube. Used as an intermediary container for cannabis planting.

Using TIPS:

1. You need pre-soak them before use.

2. Adjust pH of 5.5-6.5 for cannabis planting.

3. You can remove the wrapping of the rockwool grow cubes,cut it and mix it with the soil to improve the air permeability of the soil.

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