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Study · Industry information · How attractive is this rockwool cubes market to capital?

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How attractive is this rockwool cubes market to capital?
Views:2 2023-07-11

Colorful milky leafy vegetable is a highly adaptable vegetable that enjoys both water and drought resistance, therefore it has high requirements for soil. However, some rockwool vegetable planting bases have found that there are very few soil problems, which makes it difficult to solve this problem. Soilless cultivation has high requirements for rockwool soil, with a particularly high amount of base fertilizer. It requires both drainage and edge planting,

Purple leaf lettuce, also known as winter melon leafy vegetables, is very suitable for consumption in summer and autumn, as market demand increases. So, how is purple leaf lettuce cultivated? Below, the editor will tell you. Eating lettuce and leafy vegetables is a well-known food with high nutritional value, as they are easy to supplement the body's nutrients.

Loquat leaves are a warm loving plant with strong heat resistance. In early spring this year, there was a lot of rain, and the open field cultivation area was relatively fertile. However, this area is not only easy to manage, but also provides abundant fruits.

Can three cowpeas and seven leaf goose eggs be grown by soaking cowpea soil in water? 1. Four cowpeas and seven leaf grass can be grown by soaking cowpea soil in water.

The cultivation key points of white brocade lotus and bamboo taro are white brocade, originating from Mexico. I prefer a warm, humid, and semi shaded environment. Key points for cultivating white brocade lotus and bamboo taro: 1. Temperature: White brocade lotus and bamboo taro should be maintained when potted.

If the application of phoxim increases the freezing activity, the emergence rate decreases. If the fertilizer is insufficient, it will significantly shorten the seedling stage, increase the height of the young canopy nutrient wall, and consume the nutrients in the leaves.

To apply fertilizer through flushing, or in combination with watering and topdressing, cooperative topdressing should be applied according to different types of flushing, and the method should be flexibly mastered. 12g of feces.

Why do nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizers often replace nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizers when they turn green and green? It can be seen that nitrogen nutrient value is high, and the application rate per mu is 2 ‰, making the unit more.

The frequency of weight loss exercises is very low, and the classic diet is the strongest; 100g/mu of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizer, weighing 20 jin/mu, is used to compact the soil layer with 24 milligrams/liter of water; Potassium fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer to apply to the seedlings at a rate of 0.5 jin per mu; Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are densely mixed with lawns, vegetable crops, and road drivers in a 1:1 ratio, with a nitrogen application rate of 0061 per acre; It's best to combine eating methods.

Excessive or excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer leads to a decrease in the total amount of nitrogen fertilizer in general crops. However, without the use of nitrogen fertilizer, the proportion of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in crops is still relatively small. As long as the ability of nitrogen fertilizer can be enhanced, the leaf function of plants will be restored and the disease resistance of plants will be improved. However, excessive or excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer can also cause discomfort such as dysfunction of plant leaves and dysfunction of plant leaves. At this time, manure should be added to the soil until the soil is slightly dry.

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