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UPuper · Brand blog · UPuper®'s products passed the Australian heavy metal standard test!

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UPuper®'s products passed the Australian heavy metal standard test!

Views:126 2023-08-17

Congratulations to UPuper®'s products for passing the Australian heavy metal and microbiological standard testing!

Grow healthier cannabis plants with UPuper®’s rockwool substrate product! Easy to use high quality, clean, disease and pest-free stone wool growing media.

UPuper® rockwool growing media is made from natural rock basalt and melted at 1500℃. It has no pathogenic bacteria or toxic or harmful substances. It provides a pollution-free root environment for growing green medical cannabis. UPuper® Rockwool substrates can also realize recycling, which makes it to become a green, safe, stable and reliable hydroponic culture medium.

UPuper® is a responsible company. We pay great attention to product quality, subsequent use of our products, environmental protection and health issues. Our professional team sends samples to Australian authoritative testing institutions through communication and passes the heavy metal and microbial testing standards to meet the requirements of professional medical marijuana growers in Australia, America, Canada and other regions. It is helpful for customers to apply for GMP certification for greenhouses. We will always maintain a rigorous attitude to producing rock wool substrates and provide customers with reliable products and high-quality services.

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