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Views:184 2023-03-16

Discover how you could build a fast-growing business networking with our training and support. Read the Business Opportunity Prospectus with UPuper®.

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Why choose UPuper®

Shanghai ABM Rock Wool Dafeng Co., Ltd began to develop rockwool substrates in the 1990s, and then established China's first brand of rockwool grow media for hydroponic cultivation - UPuper®.Shanghai ABM is the first green rockwool hydroponic manufacturer in China and even in Asia. The factory has two world-leading fully automatic production lines realizes zero discharge of solid waste and wastewater and ultra-low discharge of waste gas. It is currently the green rock wool manufacturing base with the largest investment and leading technology and equipment in the Asia-Pacific region.


230,000 Square Meters Manufacturer Base

Over the years, our company has also cooperated with Shanghai Chongming Island National Facility Horticulture Center, the Facility Agriculture Research Institute of the Planning and Design Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Longping Hi-Tech. Committed to the research, development and application of rockwool grow medium. At the same time, UPuper® has independently built an internal research and experimental greenhouse since 2012. UPuper® Experimental Greenhouse is located in Qingpu District, Shanghai. It is equipped with modern control systems such as environmental control and intelligent drip irrigation. Realistically restore the greenhouse planting environment, conduct planting experiments all year round, continuously improve UPuper® products, and expand new applications of rockwool. In the future, we will also build a new smart greenhouse in our factory to further provide customers with better and more effective experimental research services. And provide more favourable conditions for the development of new products.

The company is equipped with a professional sales team and a professional planting engineering team, which can quickly solve product sales and planting problems and provide professional and efficient services.

UPuper® rockwool has been exported to 18+ countries around the world, and the product quality has been deeply loved and recognized by customers in Asia, North America, and Australia. The whole line of UPuper® rockwool substrates products has been insured by PICC Product Liability Insurance. Escort for your sales and cultivation.


Distributor Supports

1. Sales leads.

UPuper® can provide customer resources in the agent area to help dealers fast develop.

2. Advertising promotion.

UPuper® trademarks, patents and related brand promotional materials can be used. It can be promoted cooperatively, and the agency website can be promoted on the official channel of UPuper®.

3. Product price.

According to the sales volume, enjoy the corresponding preferential price and the price protection of the agency area.

4. Dealer training.

Provide internal experiments and related customer consulting assistance. Custom online training and manufacturer base visits.

5. Products Test

Product test report available.


We Need a Distributor to Have


1. Possess greenhouse planting, horticultural industry background, resources, and operation experience.

2. Have your own sales team.

3. Possess certain capital and storage capacity.

4. Brand promotion experience.

5. Experience in acting as a substrate brand is preferred.

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