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UPuper · Brand blog · TOP 10 Factors Affecting Cannabis Planting- Part Two

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TOP 10 Factors Affecting Cannabis Planting- Part Two

Views:317 2023-09-08

Welcome back to our blog! Today, we're diving deeper into the top ten factors influencing cannabis growth. Last time, we touched upon the significance of nutrition (nutrient elements, pH, EC) and the role of lighting in cannabis cultivation. Today, we will explore how temperature, humidity, and oxygenation play a part in the thriving growth of cannabis. Let's dive in!


3. Temperature:

Temperature plays a crucial role in the photosynthesis, nutrient absorption, and overall metabolic processes of cannabis plants. Both excessively high and low temperatures can slow down or even halt the growth of cannabis. The recommended temperature for cannabis during its vegetative growth phase is between 22-28°C, while during its flowering or reproductive phase, it's between 20-26°C. Naturally, these are just suggested ranges, and the ideal temperature can vary depending on the specific strain of cannabis. Maintaining the right temperature ensures efficient photosynthesis in cannabis, promoting plant growth and increasing yields. Some diseases and pests proliferate more easily within certain temperature ranges, so keeping the temperature optimal can mitigate these threats. Most importantly, within the ideal temperature range, the production of resin and terpenes in cannabis increases, enhancing its medicinal or recreational effects.


4. Humidity:

Humidity levels directly impact the rate of transpiration and the nutrient absorption capacity of cannabis. Excessively high humidity can promote mold growth, whereas too low humidity can result in excessive water uptake, leading to leaf scorch. It's worth noting that the air can hold more moisture at higher temperatures. This means that even if the relative humidity is low at elevated temperatures, the absolute humidity might be high – something growers should be mindful of.

During different cultivation stages of cannabis, we recommend specific humidity levels: 65%-70% relative humidity (RH) during the seeding phase (with 100% RH for cuttings propagation), 55%-65% RH during the vegetative growth phase, and 40%-50% RH during the flowering phase. In practice, growers should adjust the humidity and temperature in the cultivation environment based on the cannabis Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) chart. We'll delve deeper into the intricacies of VPD in future posts.


5. Oxygenation:

The respiration of a plant's root system is often overlooked, but providing the right amount of oxygen ensures that the roots remain strong and healthy. An oxygen-deprived root environment can foster anaerobic bacteria, which can impact the health of the cannabis plant. There are primarily two ways to supply oxygen to cannabis roots: 1. Using a porous planting medium and 2. Infusing oxygen into the nutrient solution via an air pump.

For the first method, growers seem to favor rock wool as the planting medium of choice. UPuper® rock wool boasts a high porosity level. After irrigation, oxygen can easily diffuse through the gaps in the medium, offering ample oxygen supply to the cannabis roots. The second method requires additional equipment for oxygenation, a technique primarily employed in tidal irrigation hydroponic systems.

It's worth noting that frequent irrigation can result in cannabis roots submerged in the nutrient solution for extended periods, depriving them of the much-needed oxygen. This is detrimental to the growth of cannabis. Some growers mistakenly think they should re-water simply by observing the surface dryness of the UPuper® rock wool. However, this isn't necessarily the right approach. The interior of the rock wool might still retain a high-water content. The dry surface indicates more space for oxygen diffusion into the root zone. Growers could consider using a scale or sensors to monitor the moisture content within the UPuper® rock wool.


That wraps up what we wanted to share with you today. Temperature, humidity, and oxygenation play critical roles in the growth of cannabis. Many growers tend to overlook the importance of supplying oxygen for the cannabis root system to breathe. Additionally, some hydroponic cultivation beginners often misjudge the rock wool medium's water content. We hope this information proves beneficial for you, and we'll be delving into the remaining five crucial factors affecting cannabis growth in future posts. Stay tuned!

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