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Project · Major case · See how UPuper grow vegetables in“tall buildings”!

See how UPuper grow vegetables in“tall buildings”!
views:110 2022-04-02

This national modern agricultural science and Technology Parkwith beautiful lakes and mountainsis located in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. It is a large integratedcenter withsmart agriculture,countryside tourism, leisure and health care. Here, we are going to unfold a beautiful picture of science and technology agriculture slowly to you.


In the park, you can see Chinese highest vertical leafy vegetable planting factory, covering an area of 1147 square meters and equipped with a 20-stories three-dimensional cultivation rack with 12 meters height, which can achieve a 9800square metersplanting area. It is a new agricultural production base with highly intensive technology and efficient utilization of resources. Under the same floor area, the average annual production of leafy vegetables under the traditional planting mode is about 15 tons; But here, the average annual leaf vegetable production volume can be more than 330 tons, which is 22 times than the traditional planting mode.


The vertical leafy vegetable planting factory adopts cultivationrock wool substratesto form a three-dimensional planting system whichrelies on LED lights as light source. It can realize accurate control of the environment through technical support without using sunshine and soil. It overturns the traditional planting mode: the whole process adopts network remote control and automatic operation to accurately adjust the contents of crops needs, so that the crops are in the best light, water,temperature and humidity conditions etc. all the time.


UPuperas the soilless culture medium of the factory, its round seedling plug provides excellent conditions for the plantingautomation and intelligence.

UPuper rock wool, The answer of high-end agricultureharvest secret

1. Save water and fertilizer, improve germination rate and ensure neat emergence

Rock wool substrate belongs to inert matrix and does not react with any nutrient elements; It does not absorb or consume any nutrition and water, so crops will 100% get what water and fertilizer provide to make the supply simple and efficient.

Rock wool has an ideal water air ratio, which is conducive to root growth, making the root cover the whole substrateto absorb water and nutrition more effectively.

The fiber of rock wool is evenly distributed, which can promote the balanced distribution of water and nutrients, so it can provide a favorable environment for seeds growth to improve the germination rate and ensure the uniformity of emergence and growth at the same time.


2. Easy for automatic production and efficient seedling

UPuper round seedling plug has independent and stable structure, it is not easy to deform. Because of its stable performance, light and the unified size without between plugs in one patch, it is convenient for sowing by automatic machines and will be a weapon for industrialized and efficient seedling.


3. Can be recycled and reused to turn waste into treasure

Rock wool substrate is the category with the least impact on the environment among all substrates. UPuper® rock wool can be fully recycled and reused. All the used rock wool substrate can be recycled into the factory and made into new rock wool products to form a closed-loop ecological agriculture for sustainable development. The rock wool wastecan also be broken and mixed with other substrates as potting soil, so that the plants can maintain normal growth without frequent watering.


With the support of high technology, the manual work in the farmland can be changed to digitalized accurate planting. UPuper Rock wool substrate helps Shangrao city start science and technology agriculture, create a new planting mode together, and inject strong power for agricultural modernization, automation and intelligence!