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Project · Major case · UPuper® help Antarctic realize “vegetable freedom”

UPuper® help Antarctic realize “vegetable freedom”
views:45 2022-04-02


As we all know, Antarctica is snowing all the year round. Even in the short summer season, 95% of the area is covered with ice and snow. The Antarctic climate is extremely cold, dry and windy with only little sunshine. Lack of nutrition and short growing season seriously restrict the plants’ growth and development. As a result, there are no flowers, trees and higher plants growing in Antarctica, it is almost impossible to eat fresh vegetables there. However vegetables are compulsory substances for human body. Long term lack of nutrients and minerals supplementation will cause malnutrition and affect normal metabolism, so human body becomes easy to get sick. So that person can't live in Antarctica constantly.


And now with UPuper® rock wool substrates control, the "vegetable freedom" has been realized in Antarctica, and people can live a long-term and healthy life in Antarctica. Do you want to know how they did it? Come and let me introduce for you.


In the Antarctic scientific research station, there is a 16 square meter greenhouse laboratory, which is full of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and green lettuce. You can see that their roots are growing in the UPuper® rock wool substrates by absorbing nutrient solution to inside the rock wool.

The Laboratory is equipped with lighting system, automatic irrigation system, temperature and humidity regulation system. It is said that 60 kilograms of fresh vegetables can be gained here every month to provide the scientific researchers fresh vegetables every meal.


Why do they choose UPuper® rock wool substrate to grow vegetables?

1. UPuper® rock wool substrate is inorganic. After a high temperature of 1500 degrees, there are no pathogens, harmful microorganisms, insect eggs, larvae and bacteria, so the biological and health safety of Antarctica can be insured.

2. UPuper® rock wool substrate has no harmful substances, which provides a pollution-free root environment for green plants and ensures the vegetables safety.

3. UPuper® rock wool substrates can accurately control the growth of plant roots. Nutrients can reach plant roots directly through rock wool to improve the water and fertilizer utilization. It makes plants grow more, faster and better

4. UPuper® Rock wool substrate is a clean substrate. The returned liquid is clear and does not contain impurities. After disinfection, it can be 100% recycled and reused to avoid environmental pollution caused by random discharge of water and fertilizer.

5. UPuper® rock wool substrates have no difference between individuals, which makes it easier to manage and control vegetable growth and for you to become a grower.